Some weeks ago, we received the visit of the North American researcher Andrew Hessel, who introduced us the concept of Synthetic Biology and its different applications. We met him in Garaia Innovation Center, Arrasate, on June 7, starting with the industrial applications of synthetic biology. The next stop was the Planetarium of Pamplona, on June 9, where he focused on the educative side of the synthetic biology, with a conference tittled “Understanding and designing how life is programmed. Imagine the future with Andrew Hessel”. Finnaly, on June 10, he gave a more scientific conference in CIC bioGUNE tittled “Synthetic Biology: Fundaments and Current Developments. Prof. Andrew Hessel”. In both occasions, he was accompanied by Cristina Vilanova, bringing her vision of synthetic biology as a student, researcher and entrepreneur.

Industrial applications of Synthetic Biology.
June 7 2016, Garaia Innovation Center.



andrew_hessel_biologia_sintetica_aplicaciones_industriales_polo_garaia_mondragon_healthPictures: Garaia Innovation Center – MONDRAGON Health.

“Understanding and designing how life is programmed.
Imagine the future with Andrew Hessel”.

June 9 2016, Pamplonetario Pamplona.


andrew_hessel_planetario_pamplona_biologia_sintetica_mondragon_healthPictures: Pamplonetario Pamplona.

“No se trata de leer el ADN humano que tenemos, sino de escribirlo desde cero”. 
Noticias de Navarra, 2016/06/19

Navarra TV erreportaia. 
Me Importas Tú, 2016/06/09


Synthetic Biology: Fundaments and Current Developments”.
June 10 2016, CIC bioGUNE.

Foto%201%20Andrew%20HesselPicture: CIC bioGUNE.