May 10th, 2019.¬†7th edition of¬†‘Polymers & Medical Applications 2019’¬†organized by Leartiker. Find here more information about the program and the inscription of the session:¬†


At the Seventh Edition of Polymer & Medical Applications, we will present a medical prototype developed in the Health LSR project. The Health-LSR project aims to develop medical prototypes and to transfer to companies in this sector. The prototypes that were developed in recent years will be presented at the conference which will take place in Navarre at the end of May.

As a preview, the first developed prototype will be presented at the event “Polymers & Medical Applications” that we have organized at Leatiker. This prototype is related to the “Tissue Engineering”, the increasingly important technology in the health sector. The event will feature, as speakers, companies of medical prototypes and leading technology centres at the national level. One of these speakers will be Doctor Enrique Andreu, the responsible for the cell culture at the University Clinic of Navarre.

The agenda of the event is as follows: