On the 3th of December has taken place at the Assembly Room of Garaia (Mondragón) the 5th Session of MONDRAGON Health. This year the topic has been “Assistance-Pharmacy and Patient’s Security”, collaborating with SEDISA.

The aim of the 5th edition is to create a practical meeting between different sector-agents, where different ideas will be shared, especially about the development of a new assistance-pharmacy model focused on products and services aimed to obtain more security for the patient and more efficiency in their treatment.

News (TU Lankide)

MONDRAGON Health would like to thank the presence of more than 140 participants, people from different areas of pharmacy-sector. We appreciate the interest in our Session and we hope to continue working together and sharing ideas and knowledge between all the agents of the sector, in order to guarantee the Assistance-Pharmacy and Patient’s Security. Thank you all!

  • Asistentes Jornada Farmacia Asistencial y Seguridad Pacientes, MONDRAGON Health
    Asistentes Jornada MONDRAGON Health
    Asistentes Jornada MONDRAGON Health-SEDISA
  • Betolaza, Martínez y de Pablo, Mesa Jornada MONDRAGON Health
    BEXEN Medical
    Enrique Peiró y M. Dolores Martínez, Jornada MONDRAGON Health
  • FAGOR Healthcare en la Jornada MONDRAGON Health
    FAGOR Healthcare
    Iosu Zabala Jornada MONDRAGON Health

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