MONDRAGON Health belongs to MONDRAGON Corporation. MONDRAGON Corporation is the embodiment of the co-operative movement that began in 1956, the year that witnessed the creation of the first industrial cooperative in Mondragon, in the province of Gipuzkoa. Nowadays, it is worldwide leader in cooperativism, the foremost Basque business group and one of the leading business groups in Spain.

MONDRAGON Health was created with the aim of leading Health Sector development and fostering the generation of comprehensive solutions through inter-cooperation. We contribute to transform the local business fabric and to create wealth and added-value employment.


An important aspect of MONDRAGON Health’s work is seeking opportunities for business and joint collaboration with companies – corporate group companies and others – and with local governments, health administrations, etc.



Promotion of New Activities and Businesses: we promote new activities and businesses connected with Health Sector, supporting, at the same time, job opportunities.
Support the Transformation Process of the Cooperatives: we support and help the cooperatives of the Corporation in their transformation-process, supporting the creation of our company fabric, and at the same time, generating value-added employment in our zone.
Development of Integral Projects: promote integral solutions by the Inter-cooperation. Give solutions to needs linked to Health Sector:

  • Promotion of Centres
  • Training and Management
  • Development of different Management-Systems



Competitive Research: observe and analyse the scientific and technological environment and spread the strategic valued information to the responsible of making decisions.


Searching Partners, Alliance Development: The co-operation makes connections between the enterprises of the Corporation and, served with the strategic alliances with external partners, optimizes the attraction of market opportunities, followed by the generation of new enterprises.