MONDRAGON Health provides an environment for growth and for accomplishing Health Sector Projects

We are backed by the MONDRAGON brand, which has a notable business track record, generating social wealth, employment and technology innovation over the years and fostering over 250 companies since it was founded. Integrity, education promotion, environmental concern and constant transformation are all values that characterize MONDRAGON.

We have our own Innovation System, which includes a University and several Technology Centres linked to other knowledge networks all over the world. Over 1,000 researchers work full-time to stay at the leading edge in technology development, with the ultimate goal of their results being launched on the market.

We are based at a location that attracts life science companies. We work in a bubble of industrial, business and innovation knowledge, surrounded by hospitals, industrial companies, invertors, R+D+I Centres and Universities. This environment encourages different actors’ reflective and collaborative participation, motivating them to action.


Intercooperation as a Competitive Advantage Factor

We create synergies to optimize the use of our resources through intercooperation between the companies of the Corporation. This cooperation links the capacities of those companies and, together with strategic alliances with external partners, optimizes our ability to capture market opportunities and allows us to develop new business in the Health Sector.



Because we place all the MONDRAGON Corporation’s business capabilities at the service of our customers.

Because in a system where workers are the owners, commitment and involvement are multiplied.

Because we offer comprehensive Health Sector Solutions through a cluster of companies with over 50 years of experience.