Development, production and distribution of external defibrillators.

Development and production of automatic equipment for Hospital Pharmacies. The first machine that has been developed is called: KIRO ONCOLOGY, which compounds individualized intravenous treatments, including cytotoxics and biological.


Development and production of outpatient pharmacy equipment. First equipment developed: Medical Dispenser: Blister packs for outpatient medication.

sensia logo

Analytical instrumentation based on SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance), for life sciences laboratories and environmental measurements. SENSIA is breaking through into the SPR market with the first commercially available graphene biosensors.

BexenMedical Production and distribution of a wide range of disposable materials for healthcare use.

cikautxo medical

Specialists in production of high-added value medical devices in silicone and thermoplastic.


Technologically based enterprise focused on keeping the comfort of people, providing innovative services in telemedicine.


ICT Integrator Engineering that makes the design, installation and after-sales services of technology infrastructure projects in buildings.


Engineering of adaptation of spaces for people with disabilities.


Equipment for old people’s homes, day centres and sheltered flats in Spain and France, with solutions for the disabled and seniors.


Integral solutions for the hotel and catering, and laundry sectors. Industrial kitchens for hotels, schools and hospitals.


Specialists in refrigeration technology for storing different products at low temperatures. Supplies its products to hospitals.


Integral Engineering in Logistic Solutions focused on Distribution and Automatic Fabrication. Health logistics: storage and medication dispensing solutions.


Design and fabrication of packing machines, with a business unit in medical packing. Offers a Customer Service and Technical Assistance around the world.

ulma inoxtruck

Provides hygienic solutions for material handling in the production area of the food industry and clean rooms of laboratories in the chemical industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Microelectronic and Aeronautics.




Provides service to old people by Residences, Day Centres, Community Housing and Sheltered Housing.


Catering services. Offers a daily catering service for 16.000 patients in the Health and Healthcare Sectors.


Logistics management for health product purchasing, procurement and distribution.


Installation Engineering. Over 150 projects have been carried out at hospitals, health centres and community healthcare centres, involving air conditioning, fire protection, maintenance and self-cleaning, amongst others.

lks Management and Technological Consultancy.It provides an integral consultancy-offer, with a wide specialization inseveral sectors.


Azpiegitura Ingeniaritza eta Arkitektura. 30 urte baino gehiagoko eskarmentuarekin, honakoetan eskaintzen du zerbitzua: Hirigintza, Ingeniaritza zibila, Arkitektura Industriala eta Logistika, Birgaitze eraginkorra, Ondare kulturala eta Zerbitzu osatuak.

mondragon lingua

Provider of advanced solutions based on the use of technology for companies with significant translation needs. Solutions: Translation & Localization; Terminology management; Translation memories and aligment; Machine translation; Collaborative translation..




Degree in Biomedical Engineering. The objective of this degree is to apply the principles, knowledge, attitudes and skills of the engineer to the medical field, in order to cover the gaps that exist today in qualified personnel in the technological field of health sciences.


Nursing Assistant Middle-Level Training Course.Preparing to apply nursing assistant-care for the patient and healthcare environment conditions.