Kiro Grifols is a technology-based company that develops and markets equipment for improving the safety of both professionals and patients and process efficiency in the areas of pharmacy services, clinical diagnosis and other hospital processes. Its machines automate and/or control key aspects of hospital care service provision.


Saludnova is a technology-based company that works to create and preserve wellbeing, providing innovative telemedicine services in different fields of action. It was founded with a view to developing and marketing innovative solutions for improving people’s safety and quality of life, whenever and wherever required, on the basis of research into the new information and communication technologies.


Smart Health Services is a company catering to Health Sector purchasing management and logistics requirements. It forms part of the MONDRAGON┬áCorporation and is the springboard company for all its comprehensive health purchasing and logistics activities. It was founded from the merger of three companies – MONDRAGON Health, Kudea, ULMA Handling Systems, and LKS – and has a strategic alliance with Logaritme Serveis Logistics.


Fagor Healthcare provides solutions for health and wellbeing. Its leading product, Medical Dispenser, is a personalised medication dispensing service that provides pharmacies with a complete solution and helps improve patients’ quality of life and treatment monitoring, with a semi-automatic machine for loading and management software.